Electronic Product Development

We offer electronic product development services that include specification development, schematic and printed circuit board design, testing and consultation that aims to full fill customer needs.

Mechanical Product Development

We specialize in taking your concepts and turning them into tangible, functional prototypes. Our services cover both electronic and mechanical aspects, ensuring that your prototype not only works as intended but is also a physical representation of your vision.

Manufacturing Product Development

Our manufacturing capabilities include electronics manufacturing, 3D printing, laser cutting, and CNC routing for functional prototypes and low volume manufacturing.

Consultation & Research

We conduct research and consult with clients, optimizing their product development processes through expertise, innovation, and guidance.

Training Courses

Our Short Learning Programmes are tailored to equip individuals with practical skills in technical and entrepreneurial fields. These programmes cover a spectrum of subjects, from automotive and appliance repair to smartphone repair and rapid prototyping. Designed to support those aspiring to start their own businesses or those looking to enhance their technical competencies, these courses provide valuable knowledge and hands-on experience. Explore the opportunities our programmes offer and empower yourself with new skills.