Our seasoned team of designers offer Mechanical Design Services, where innovation and precision converge. Explore our dynamic capabilities that redefine mechanical design:

Software Tool Proficiency:

Our team excels in software tools, with SolidWorks at the forefront, enabling precise and efficient mechanical design processes.

Parametric Modelling:

Craft detailed part and assembly designs for seamless iteration throughout the development process.

Surface Modelling:

Employ advanced surface modelling tools to produce aesthetically refined and naturally appealing parts.

Sheet Metal Expertise:

Engineer components tailored for sheet metal manufacturing, streamlining flat pattern generation.

Material Analysis:

Utilize virtual material application to scrutinize individual part properties and assembly interactions.

Finite Element Analysis:

Conduct in-depth analyses to determine deflection, pinpoint potential failure points, and optimize designs for real-world loads.

Motion Studies:

Illuminate assembly dynamics through comprehensive motion studies, identifying and mitigating potential collision points.

Engineering Drawings:

Generate meticulous drawings for manufacturing, ensuring components meet stringent specifications.

Detailed Renders:

Bring prototypes to life with intricate renders, providing invaluable visual insights into real-world scenarios.

3D Printing Capability:

Harness the power of SLA, DLP, and FDM technologies, featuring a large-format FDM printer with a 500x500x500mm build volume.

CNC Expertise:

Leverage our CNC equipment, including a router with a vacuum bed and an 80-Watt CO2 laser cutter.

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