Welcome to the Technology Station in Electronics (TSE), a dynamic and innovative hub dedicated to providing cutting-edge technology development, manufacturing, and training service provider to small and medium enterprises (SMEs). As an integral part of the Technology Stations Programme (TSP), we operate under the Department of Science and Innovation’s initiative, with unwavering support from the Technology Innovation Agency (TIA).

The Technology Stations Programme (TSP) was established to empower Universities of Technology (UoT) to offer technology development services to SMEs. At the TSE, our mission aligns seamlessly with this objective – we aim to provide innovative Science, Engineering, and Technology (SET) solutions for complex engineering challenges within various industrial sectors. By supporting government’s socio-economic priorities, we contribute to the advancement of technology and the growth of local businesses.


TSE, situated within the Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment (FEBE) at the Tshwane University of Technology (TUT), serves as a vital Centre in the Technology Stations Programme. Our primary focus is on supporting SMEs with their product development, manufacturing and training needs in the electronics, mechanical, mechatronics, ICT, and advanced manufacturing sectors. We act as a catalyst for industry growth, bridging the gap between local suppliers, academia, and industry to enhance competitiveness through technological improvements.


As part of the broader TSP network, the TSE collaborates with other Technology Stations based at 11 Higher Education Institutions across South Africa. Managed by the TSP Unit at the Technology Innovation Agency office in Pretoria, the TSP ensures efficient coordination and impactful utilization of funds to achieve national strategic objectives.

Financial support from the Department of Science and Innovation, facilitated through the Technology Innovation Agency, enables the TSE and other Technology Stations to deliver technical support, services, and training to SMEs, fostering innovation and sustainable growth.