Electronics Engineering

Welcome to the Technology Station in Electronics (TSE), a leading hub for cutting-edge electronics and mechanical design, manufacturing excellence, and specialized short learning programmes. Proudly affiliated with the Technology Stations Programme of the Department of Science and Innovation, hosted by the Tshwane University of Technology, with unwavering support from the Technology Innovation Agency.

Our services encompass Electronics and Mechanical Product Development, Short Learning Programmes, Consultation Services, and state-of-the-art Manufacturing Capabilities. From ideation to tangible outcomes, we are dedicated to transforming concepts into reality. Explore each specialized service section below for detailed insight into our expertise and commitment to excellence.

Electronic Product Development

Our skilled team creates custom electronics solutions, handling hardware and firmware complexities for your visionary products.

Mechanical Product Development

We employ a holistic approach in mechanical design, leveraging diverse tools and techniques for successful prototype and product development.

Manufacturing Product Development

Our manufacturing capabilities include electronics manufacturing, 3D printing, laser cutting, and CNC routing for functional prototypes and low volume manufacturing.

Consultation & Research 

We conduct research and consult with clients, optimizing their product development processes through expertise, innovation, and guidance.

Training Courses 

Delivering specialized short courses, we emphasize building competence and skills for enhanced professional development.

Explore our diverse portfolio of completed projects across industries, showcasing our excellence in Electronic and Mechanical Product Development, Manufacturing and Training