The Technology Station in Electronics (TSE) primarily focus on four areas of Research, Innovation and Consultation activities:

Product Feasibility:

The feasibility of developing a product against its intended user-base and competitors is conducted. This service provides information to companies and individuals if their product may hold some benefits to the end user. It also provides guidance on potential changes they need to consider to make the product more desirable.

Circular Economies:

At the TSE we have conducted research, considering various scenarios, in the circular economy that has led to the establishment of various short learning programmes. The focus is to reduce the impact that older products have on the environment while including entrepreneurship to create opportunities for small repair businesses.

Mobile Cold Room Storage:

This research area focuses on the use of renewable energy to power mobile cold room storage facilities. The research aims to reduce the environmental impact that fossil fuels have on the environment and to increase cost saving to businesses with a more stable cold chain.

Smart Manufacturing Solutions:

Data plays a critical role in supporting manufacturing systems and processes. Companies sometimes lack the necessary technical skills to extract information effectively from their production or supply chain processes. The TSE contribute towards supporting the automotive and electronics industries with internet of things (IoT) solutions. These solutions address the data needs by analyzing, developing and integrating intelligent manufacturing systems that could be used to optimize processes.